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August 12, 2020
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Benefits of Coconut Oil

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Raw, virgin coconut oil is perhaps the best natural ingredient for skin care available as it softens the skin and safeguards it from damage, encourages healing, resulting in a more healthy appearance. Coconut oil provides protection against damaging free radicals and even offers the added benefit of keeping the skin from forming liver spots and other blemishes that are brought on by aging and over exposure to sunlight, which are signs of free-radical deterioration of the lipids in the skin.

Coconut oil increases your metabolism.

Not only does coconut oil convert to energy quicker in your body, it increases your metabolism, which promotes weight loss. Because it boosts your metabolism, it helps your body burn fat more effectively.Coconut oil may triple your calorie burn. Since coconut oil is a MCT, it is converted to energy so quickly that it creates a lot of heat. In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, MCT's burn three times more calories for six hours after a meal than LCT's.

The Coconut Palm, in particular, is often called the tree of life in the many cultures which rely on it for sustenance. Virtually every part of the Coconut Palm is used for something - from roof thatch to boats, from clothing to firewood, from garden mulch to a variety of culinary uses. In Sanskrit the name is kalpa vriksha, which means "the tree which provides all the necessities of life." While those in Malay refer to it as pokok seribu guna, or "tree of a thousand uses." In the Philippines, the coconut is affectionately termed "The Tree Of Life."

Because of its highly antiviral, highly antibacterial, properties coconut oil cleanses your skin and treats your acne and skin infections naturally and safely. And because it is not a tans-fatty polyunsaturated type of oil you don't have to worry about it causing more acne than it eliminates.

It has softening and moisturizing effect on the skin and is found in many health and beauty products as a base or lubricant. It can smooth away acne, blemishes, scarring, and even wrinkles. One of the best things about using this oil on your skin is its antioxidant effects and protection against free radicals which will also reduce the signs of aging in your face.

The quick list of the most popular oils include various plant and marine oils plus others. The list includes fish and other marine oils of various origins and grades, herb and spice oils, vegetable oils such as those from seeds and nuts and fruit oils from berries and citrus fruits for example. There are very many others that will really give you a great edge against all those over-used ones!

For skin care and hair care, several coconut oil products can be found on the internet. For several years, coconut oil in its natural form has been used in the Indian sub continent to maintain healthy and nourishing looks. Now, you can find the benefits of coconut oil in the coconut oil products. Science and nature when combined together can give you great benefits.


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