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March 26, 2020
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A Good Word on Colour Cosmetics

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Colour cosmetics are a big and growing business, especially with the help of the Internet where everyone can order or buy makeup online. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, retail turnover for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and toiletries is over $12 billion a year. As everyone, male and female alike, are becoming more conscious of skin, hair and facial care, this industry is definitely going to expand even more. IBISWorld Market Research expects that the cosmetics industry is expected to post modest revenue gains of 2.8% per annum, reflecting favourable underlying social, economic and demographic variables.

What Good Makeup Can Do for You

This steady increase in cosmetics industry is not just because people are becoming too vain, there are also some benefits and advantages of applying cosmetics. That's why more people join makeup training sessions or read makeup dos and don'ts to learn everything about makeup. Aside from aesthetic purposes, there are also beneficial reasons why it's important that you choose the right cosmetics for you.

*Skin beauty enhancement
oImprove complexion
oProvide skin with a healthy tone
*Skin cleansing
oClear the skin of dirt and micro-organisms
oPrevent skin infections and drying
*Skin health protection
oProvide vitamins: A, D, E, K
oKeep the skin glowing, fresh and youthful
oMinimise risk from harmful or unfavourable natural elements

What's even more beneficial is using mineral makeup. If you're wondering what benefits you'll get from mineral makeup, here is a list:

*Natural: safe on the skin, calm and soothing
*Harmless: made from natural minerals and inorganic pigments
*Healthy: contain healing and rejuvenating properties
*Non-allergic and anti-inflammatory: can stay on the body throughout the day
*Protective: against environmental pollution and harmful UV rays
*Recuperative: allow skin to breathe more oxygen and assist in generating new cells
*Long-lasting: water-resistant, best in humid environment, retain skin moisture
*Longer shelf life: no preservatives

Wye Cosmetics: Providing Women Opportunities to Learn, Live and Love through Makeup

Wye Cosmetics understands your desire to be beautiful and to be healthy. That's why they create mineral colour cosmetics that will not only make you look good but feel good as well. You can visit them to check their product range or buy their makeup online. Their products include:

oFace primer
oAll-round cover
oCrme foundation
oLiquid foundation
oFinish foundation
oTwo-way foundation
oMineral face powder
oMineral pressed face powder
oEye dust
oEye shadow
oUltra pearls
oEye base
oEye brows
oMosaic powder
oLoose blush
oLip gloss
oLip shiner
oBody butter
oMascara wands
oMakeup brush cleaner

They also offer makeup training sessions to empower women with the keys to unlock the secrets of their makeup cases. This helps build your confidence around makeup by providing you with the know-how and skills needed to apply makeup perfectly every time.

If you're looking forward to having a fun girls' night in and discovering the hottest looks, then contact Wye Cosmetics to learn more about the makeup parties they offer. Their makeup parties are flexible so you can tailor them to your and your guests' needs.


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