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October 19, 2020
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Make-Up Mirrors

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Make up mirrors can range from the home essential vanity mirror with adjustable arm and magnified for more accurate make-up application to the more mobile and practical compact mirror which can easily be slipped into a bag or even pocket and used while on the go, while travelling, or while on a big night out to make little adjustments and final touch ups. Good make up is all in the detail and magnification is the single biggest factor when it comes to applying detailed makeup.

A vanity mirror is usually used on a desk or in the bathroom. While some are free standing mirrors that are designed to be kept on a desk or other surface, there are some that can be fixed to a particular surface for more permanent use. Typically, make up mirrors do not need to be fixed for extra stability because you won't be applying pressure to the mirror while using it.

A flexible arm, on the other hand, can enable you to get exactly the right position from your mirror. This means that you can sit comfortably and in a position that suits you best and allows you to apply make up accurately and smoothly whenever you want to.

Another essential component of good make up mirrors is a magnified side to the mirror itself. This magnification will help you to apply your makeup accurately and in detail ensuring that you don't get any ugly lines or smudges because you will be able to see more clearly. Magnification strengths can vary from two times to five times or more. Realistically, you shouldn't need more than five times magnification from a vanity mirror or two times magnification from a compact mirror.

A compact mirror is a handy little make up mirror that can be placed in your handbag, your purse, the glove box of the car, or the inside pocket in your hand luggage. It is an extremely convenient addition to your personal beauty range and it will enable you to quickly check your makeup and, where necessary, add more of your favourite products to ensure that you continue to look great.


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