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June 3, 2020
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Anti-Aging Traditions from India Ayurvedic Medicine

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Ayurvedic medicine (springing from the Indian words for knowledge and life) is basically traditional medicine from India. The whole approach of Eastern civilization to medicine is different from what is practiced in the West, with focus in the United States being on licensed practitioners and pharmaceutical drugs. Ayurvedic medicine is more holistic and focused on using natural remedies to help the body heal itself. This also carries over from traditional medicine to health and beauty regimens because it is about bettering one's quality of life, overall. Here are some age-defying herbs that are common in Ayurvedic medicine. Before reading on, please note this significant warning. Only buy these herbs from trusted sources. Lead, mercury, and arsenic are all toxic, and disreputable sources may not keep their herbal compounds free of these metals. With that in mind, here are the benefits of some toxin-free herbal anti-aging remedies.One of the most potent anti-aging compounds is Ashwagandha. It is packed full of antioxidants which strengthen your skin to resist wrinkles. It is also beneficial for your immune system as it increases the activity of T-cells. A healthy body will age less quickly. It can also help reduce stress -- a major factor in premature aging.Another anti-aging herb used in Ayurvedic medicine is one you probably have in your pantry right now: garlic! Garlic has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Being able to maintain proper blood flow is necessary to stave off the effects of aging. Garlic is also a powerful antioxidant making it resist the formation of free radicals in the body.Amla is another important anti-aging remedy. Gram for gram, amla has about 2,000% more vitamin C than oranges, making it vital to your immune system. It also fights against the formation of new wrinkles. Plus, by helping your body to absorb more calcium, amla fights against a person's hair going gray prematurely. Vidari (vidarikanda) also improves the overall function of the body. It enhances your body's ability to produce its own anabolic hormones which result in muscle growth. But, another effect of these hormones is an increase in skin moisture levels resulting in a healthy glow that usually fades with age. It helps stimulate the production of hormones that generally decline with age.Yashtimadhu is another herb that prevents individual cells in the body from aging prematurely. It is also a strong antioxidant and is very good for the liver. By helping promote healthy new cell growth, yashtimadhu keeps the skin looking fresh and young, and the body feeling healthy overall.While these may not be the herbs we immediately associate with youthful skin, we can't help but notice the graceful aging of those who are from the nation of India. Thus, there is visible evidence to give credence to the age-defying effects of these herbal remedies.


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